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eLearning Overview

eLearning can be described as making use of electronic technologies to participate in educational curriculum outside of the classroom environment. Basically, it refers to the delivery of courses, programs and degree wholly via online or over the internet.

So many terms have been used to describe learning delivered online or via the internet. This spans from distance learning education,computerized electronic learning,internet learning to many others.

Usually, eLearning is interactive and not a course delivered via DVD or CD-ROM, video tape or over a television channel. During class period, you will be able to communicate with your teachers professors and other students in your 'online' class. Sometimes the delivery is live and you can raise your hand 'electronically' to ask your questions. It can also be pre-recorded for later learning at your free time.

Your professor or teacher is always there to grade your class participation, assignments and tests when undertaking your courses.

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Benefits of eLearning

It is an undeniable fact that, the advent of the internet has increased access to education-especially tertiary education. The following are the advantages of eLearning:

  • Convenience 

In today’s era of information technology, learning online has been widely accepted as the most convenient way of learning for all people irrespective of their social status. Thus, married women, single mums, young and old can access it at their convenience.

  • Flexibility and access to learning material

Whereas in the traditional classroom setting, you only attend a lecture  once or at the professor's availability, online learning affords you access to lecture as many times as you wish and this enables you get a better grasp of the topic and subject matter of the course before exams begin.

  • Content information updated

One of the invaluable benefits of learning online is consumption of the most updated content/information available on the internet. Unlike traditional classroom where your professor’s information could be out of date, eLearning gives you fresh information on the subject/course.

  • Speedy delivery of lessons

eLearning provides a faster way of delivering lessons. Unlike traditional classroom, online learning offers a quicker delivery cycles. This means, the period of time required for eLearning is reduced to 20%-60% compared to traditional learning.

 This is attributed to the following reasons:

-eLearning lessons start quickly and ends in a single learning sessions. Thus, training programs are carried out in weeks and even in days.

 -Learners have the option of learning at their own pace instead following the rest of the rest of the group.

-Considerable time is saved as the student need not travel to a physical location for a class. He/she can now take a class at the comfort of his/her home.

 -The student enjoys the liberty of choosing to focus on specific areas of the learning material instead of all areas. So some sections of the learning material can be skipped.

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