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We provide information on distance learning tools,benefits and system.  The invention of computers and internet have given us the biggest asset in life-education. This is why we help you access it wherever you find yourself in any part of the world. All you need is an internet connection and a computer and you're good to begin your journey to widening your horizon of knowledge in the world of intellectuals.

It is a widely held conception that, learning never ends. It spans from the beginning to the end of life. The human brain is one of the most complex organs ever created by our maker. Although the computer has been credited for automating a lot of things with much accuracy, we don't have to lose sight of the fact that, the so called wonders of the computer was put together by humans.

The difference between the human brain and the computer is that, the former can perform great tasks but is subject to forgetfulness while the latter can recall all that it performed, providing date and time and even capable of producing predictions of future events, solution and further analysis based on simulations and projections.

So basically, the extension of the human brain is placed inside a computer to make life easy and enable us see into the future with some degree of accuracy. This is what makes learning new skillsa continuous process and is handed down from generation to generations. A few decades ago, the functions of a cell phone was limited to making a call and text massaging. Today, your little smart phone is a compact computer in your hand and is capable of performing multiple of tasks from mobile banking to social media.

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