Staff Training via Video Conferencing

Many businesses are often keen to find ways to train their staff that use the minimum amount of time and effort, yet maximize the results in terms of improved performance and efficiency. Face to face training was often considered the best way to train staff. However for companies that operate nationwide and may be globally it is often not practical or cost effective to get the trainer in the same room as the staff who need to be trained. It could cost hundreds of not thousands to get everyone in a single room to get trained, and the benefits may sometimes be considered to marginal to justify such expenditure. Video conferencing in many respects is a cost effective means to train staff in using technology and improved business or marketing techniques to improve company performance. These days technology is advanced enough to allow for conferencing via the internet, by video links or email.

The use of off-site training means that more people can be trained at the same time across various sites and possibly working for different firms. It makes better sense to conduct staff training via internet allowing staff to be trained at their usual workplace or even from home, and saves the cost of transporting the trainer to the the trainees, or vice versa. Video conferencing allows the trainer to pass on their knowledge and skills to staff or entrepreneurs who have requested a place on the course or within the course. When that training fits in with the skills that the business needs to be improved then it will help to improve the company over all and the expertise of the workers who have been trained.

Training budgets may not be a priority for businesses, so any way of stretching now much training can be provided should be encouraged. Now e learning is another way of training staff get it is not as effective as either face to face training or using video conferencing to train. Speaking, listening to, and actually interacting with a trainer in person, or via a video link allows staff to learn more than reading text off a computer screen.

E learning may be adequate for teaching the basics for data protection, health and safety, or diversity training yet it is not good enough for up skilled workers to drive forward company sales and performance.

Training via video conferencing is a means of trainers passing on their skills, know how and passion for the company or job role on to as many staff as possible. A fully committed trainer who has been there and done it all before is capable of passing their commitment to the company and it's goals as much as they are there to pass knowledge and skills. Video conferencing that passes on the best sales techniques, Tile on how to get the most of technology, and passes on a love for the role is always going to go a long in improving the performance and the eagerness of the workers to do well for their own personal development as well as the benefit of the company.

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